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Could Uncertainty Among USA Bigs Be Opportunity for Lopez?

The big who was the most likely lock for Team USA has had to withdraw and new prospects have been added in the national team training camp roster last several days.  Does that mean Brook Lopez is more likely to make the final cut and get to the FIBA World Championships next month?

Amare Stoudemire was forced to drop out Tuesday after the Knicks asked him to.  The problem: the Knicks' insurer didn't want him playing.  The insurer already had doubts about writing a policy on Stoudemire's $100 million contract with New York because of his previous knee and eye injuries.

Moreover, with Dwight Howard resting and Kendrick Perkins recovering from a torn ACL, Team USA has been adding players upfront: in the last week bringing in Robin Lopez, Brook's brother; Tyson Chandler; and JaVale McGee. The team held its first training session Tuesday in Las Vegas.

Now comes word that Robin, too, has dropped out, making Brook's chances of making the team--and starting--almost certain.