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Nets Tried to Buy Pick To Take Tiny Gallon

The Racine (WI) Journal Times reports, at the bottom of a column on the Bucks' off season, that the Nets tried to buy a pick in the second round to take Tiny Gallon, the 6'10", 320-pound Oklahoma PF.

"The Nets were hoping the Bucks didn't take Gallon with the 47th overall pick," reports Gary Woefel. "They had a deal in place with Miami to acquire the 48th pick."  However, the Bucks beat the Nets to Gallon and took him at #47.

The Nets were known to be interested in Gallon who dropped precipitously on Draft Night. In the Las Vegas Summer League, Gallon averaged 6.6 ppg, 7.4 rpg but shot only 36.8%.