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"Blueprint for Greatness" Complete

Photo Property of NetsDaily
Photo Property of NetsDaily

The Nets' "Blueprint for Greatness" billboard is complete, all 21,375 square feet of it. Staring down from 22 stories up, the figures of Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay-Z can be seen from blocks away or from Jim Dolan's office window across the street at Penn Plaza. 

The entire mural took four days to finish. It's hard to know when the Knicks figured out what it was but word is that Dolan himself called Jay-Z, claiming it was distraction for his employees.  There were reports, denied by the league, that the Knicks protested the placement to the NBA.  No matter what, it captured the attention of the media.

In fact, ESPN proposes other billboards around the league that might be helpful in luring top free agents.