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The Value of Favors and Loyalty

Derrick Favors has been called a "chip" by his general manager...and indeed, he's been a popular topic when Rod Thorn picks up the phone.  On Draft Day, there were reports the Pacers wanted him and Devin Harris for Danny Granger.  Chad Ford reports in an ESPN chat Friday that the Blazers dangled LaMarcus Aldridge for him and Harris that same night.  Before the draft, word was the Nets were willing to deal the #3 pick and Harris to the Hornets for Chris Paul.

But the Nets haven't bitten yet and one team insider says it's "highly likely" the 18-year-old will be on the opening night roster in Newark. That's a good thing for Favors.  As SLAM reports, Favors may be young but he is very, very loyal and appreciates the same in others.  Same with hard work.  There are those who do not expect much from him this season. He's not among them.