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Who Owns New York?

Remember that old Knick promotion?  Kind of dated, don't ya think?  One piece of fallout from Thursday's competing visions for LeBron James is a realization that the Nets are realistic and serious contenders to be the answer to that question in the near future. 

As Brian Windhorst, the Cleveland beat writer, tweeted Friday morning: "LeBron interested in Nets pitch but not so much NY."

One reason: the Knicks' underwhelming PowerPoint presentation that was leaked to Forbes an hour after Mike D'Antoni and Donnie Walsh left the IMG Building in Cleveland. To call it disingenuous would be to give it undeserved credit. Hype might be more appropriate.

In it, the Knicks cited the financial advantages LeBron would get from playing for them compared to playing for the Cavaliers, Bulls and Heat.  New York, the analysis contended, was far and away the most lucrative location for LeBron! The chances of him becoming a billionaire in New York over the course of his career: 48.6%, compared to one percent elsewhere!  One problem.  There was no mention of the Nets, who will play 15 minutes from Midtown the next two years, then the next 30 or so in Brooklyn.

Sometimes, it's just better to let the Knicks do all the work for you.

(UPDATE: 4:18 ET) New York Times reports that the Knicks have formally offered a $100 million contract to Amare Stoudemire. While the Nets, Heat and Bulls may make an offer to the 6'10" PF, none are expected to offer a max deal in part because his knee and eye issues make him uninsurable.)