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Was Favors a Summer League "Loser" Because of TWill?

Yahoo's Marc J. Spears lists his winners and losers for the two NBA summer leagues and thinks Derrick Favors was one of the losers.  But Spears doesn't blame the rookie as much as he takes issue with Terrence Williams...and the Nets.

"The third pick in the draft averaged just seven shots in the New Jersey Nets first four summer league games in Orlando because teammate Terrence Williams was busy hoisting away," Spears writes. "Williams, the Nets’ second-year guard, averaged 19 shots a game."

With TWill on the bench in Game 5, Favors went off for 23 and 11, Spears notes, adding, "If the Nets could do it over, they might want to feature Favors a little more prominently."  Damion James, who was second in scoring in Orlando, doesn't get mentioned.