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Bobby Marks: Big Winner in Nets' Big Shuffle

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

Bobby Marks joined the Nets in 1995 as an intern but the New Jersey native got his big break five years later when the NBA's new collective bargaining agreement came out. It was so complicated, so daunting that few had the patience to learn all its intricacies.  Marks did, taking it upon himself to read it, study it, understand it.

Marks, now vice president of basketball operations and Billy King's No. 2 in the front office, is one the NBA's top "capologists". It's a job that requires the skills of an accountant, computer geek and lawyer.  He's done so well at it that numerous writers see the 37-year-old as a future GM.

Chad Ford calls him one of "five guys who I think should be running their own teams".

King, understanding that value, wants Marks to dump his other responsibilities --like team travel and relocating players who join the team-- and focus purely on basketball.  Fine by Marks.  As he tells Al Iannazzone: "I think it’s fun trying to put a team together pretty much from scratch. For all those people that play fantasy and rotisserie, this is the perfect setting."