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DIME: Favors, James Among Best Summer Leaguers

They watch a lot of hoops at the DIME Magazine headquarters and after watching all of Orlando and much of Las Vegas, the magazine's Daniel Marks thinks the Nets two picks are among the top 10 or as he calls his list, "10 Rookies (not named Wall or Turner) Who Will Make an Impact."

Of the 6'8" Damion James, who Marks ranks #7 on his list, he writes, "Expect James to provide a scoring punch off the bench in New Jersey in addition to excellent perimeter defense."

And although Derrick Favors, 6'10" and quite possibly still growing, averaged only 10.6 ppg compared to James' 18.8, Marks ranks him #3. "With the Nets currently having no starting power forward, Favors may be forced into that role earlier than envisioned. He can provide defense and rebounding immediately, but it will take awhile for his offense to catch up."

Marks, it should be noted, admits to being a Nets fan, but declaims any relation to Bobby Marks.