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The Last Day

In Rod We Trusted.  Solid as the Dollar from which that line was drawn. 

Now with the Thorn Era ending, the Nets are offering their thanks for taking a team that was a joke and making it into a contender ...before a host of circumstances sent it back to the place where he found it.

It's all as low-key as the West Virginian and just as optimistic.  In his interviews, Thorn insists he's not retiring, that he still wants a place in basketball. 

For those fans who were here when he walked in the door a decade ago and have stuck around, today brings back as many memories and feelings as when Jason Kidd was traded. 

There may be some rancor, some bittersweet to go along with the good cheer and memories of sheer joy but being a Nets fan has been a lot more fun, a lot more rewarding because of Rodney King Thorn.  Best wishes to him and his family.  He'll be missed.