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King: Avery and I Would Like To Add Veteran "Glue Guys"

In interviews Thursday with WFAN and ESPN Radio, Billy King made it clear he likes the team's two cornerstones, Brook Lopez and Devin Harris; likes the new acquisitions; and added that he'll be active in trade talks and additional free agent signings.  The first move, however, "may be adding a veteran or two to be the glue guys in the locker room".  He didn't mention any names.

King reserved special praise in both interviews for Lopez and Harris, calling them "good pieces for us" and gave  thumbnail appraisals of some other Nets: Anthony Morrow, "one of the best three point shooters in the league;" Travis Outlaw, "very athletic, very long, can defend;" Damion James, "played very well in Orlando; Terrence Williams, "has a big upside;" and Derrick Favors, "the fans will see, he'll be a power forward for us a long time here".

Bottom line on why he thinks Mikhail Prokhorov and Dmitry Razumov liked him: "I want to win, quickly but I understand that it's going to take some time and they understand that as well."

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