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PF a Priority But Billy Wants to Wait

On a day the Nets signed their PF of the future, Derrick Favors--and Johan Petro said he's ready to back up whoever starts at the 4, the Nets' new GM said getting a starting power forward is a top, if not the top, priority.

But Billy King, full of promises that he'll be more prudent, more patient this time around, said before he did anything with that $14.9 million in cap space he'll talk to his predecessor, Rod Thorn, and his coach, Avery Johnson.  Then, if he has a deal, he'll call Moscow and talk to Mikhail Prokhorov or his CEO, Dmitry Razumov, increasingly important in the Nets scheme of things.

Don't expect anything right away.  There are 14 weeks til Opening Night.

"In Philly we tried to do a lot of things quickly. In this league if you do some things and it doesn’t work you’re punished for a while," said King.  Meanwhile Thorn, gracious as ever, gave King his endorsement: "I think with Billy and Avery’s leadership I see nothing but rosy skies ahead for the Nets. I think it’s going to be a great ride."