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Petro: "I Will Back Up 4 and 5"

A very excited Johan Petro tells HoopsNotes, a French hoops site, that he expects to back up both at center and power forward and that "this is a super exciting team".  Petro said his big  focus in the off-season will be working on his back to the basket moves.

The interview, translated from the French on the HoopsNotes site, quotes Petro about his decision to join New Jersey. "Either I stay in a top’s team where I was the fifth player in the (front court) rotation or I could sign with a team in reconstruction with more playing time and a longer contract," said the 7-footer. "Here I go into a new adventure with a coach who wants to trust me, who believes in me and in what I can do. Now it’s up to me to demonstrate it."

Sounding much like Brett Yormark, Petro added, "Everything is new: new owner, new GM, new coach. They have changed 80% of the roster … I think that all these changes will bring a new wave in New Jersey."  The Nets also released Chris Carrino interviews with the four new Nets and their coach.