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LeBron Buzz Gets Nets 2,100 New Season Ticket Holders

The Knicks didn't get LeBron, but they sold out the Garden--selling more than 4,000 new ticket packages this off-season, most before "The Decision."  The Bulls didn't get LeBron either, but they sold 5,000 new season tickets.  The Nets?  They didn't get LeBron, sad to say, but Brett Yormark and the Marketeers did get 2,100 new season ticket holders for the team's debut at the Prudential Center.  It's All New, you know.

CNBC's Darren Rovell reports the Knicks, along with the Heat (who DID get LeBron and Dwyane and Chris), were the big winners. But then Knicks fans are loyal, even in the worst of times.  In the last 10 years (that would be the worst of times), the average attendance has never dipped below 97 percent of MSG's 19,763-seat capacity.