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Agent: Scola Has Interest from Nets

Luis Scola is still waiting for a contract from the Rockets, and his agent has told an Argentine newspaper that the 6'9" power forward is getting anxious. Still, the agent expects an offer from Houston Wednesday

"We believe it will be good and that Luis will still be there even though the Nets were interested and we have two offers in Europe," Claudio Villanueva, Scola's agent, told Ole', a Buenos Aires sports newspaper. Because he's a restricted free agent, the Rockets can match any offer.

Villanueva suspects the Rockets have delayed making Scola an offer because the market for power forwards has been very heated and the more time that transpires, the less money is out there.  The agent didn't mention any other NBA suitors for the 30-year-old Scola. Scola averaged 16.2 ppg and 8.6 rpg last season with a high game of 44 vs. the Nets.