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Nets Going with Plan "Y" - For Youth

It's not about superstars, or max salaries...or dreams of championships.  It's about youth and cap space...and planning for the long-term.  Plans "A", "B", and "C" are long off the table.  It's Plan "Y"...for youth, John Schuhmann of writes.

"Though they're missing a superstar like Kevin Durant, the roster is starting to look a lot like the one Sam Presti has put together in Oklahoma City," writes Schuhmann. He points out the Nets' current roster, including the two undrafted rookies, makes less money than Miami's so-called "Three Kings".

What's the bottom line? "The Nets didn't get the quick fix that they were looking for this summer, but sometimes, good things come to those who wait," writes Schuhmann.