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Prokhorov To Interview President Candidate Next Week

Dave D'Alessandro reports Mikhail Prokhorov may in town next week to interview  whomever Rod Thorn recommends for the Nets new president of basketball operations. 

The Nets owner is in Russia, but Dave D reports that he's expected to travel to Las Vegas for an NBA owners conference and maybe stop in the New York area for the interview.

Thorn, whose term ends on Friday, tells D'Alessandro he's not certain that a replacement will be in place by the time he leaves. "Still talking to different people every day," says Thorn. There's every indication the leading candidate is from outside the organization.  Bobby Marks, Thorn's No. 2, is likely to get a promotion, not the big job.

In any event, Thorn says whoever fills his role will find things well-prepared, mainly because "Where the Nets stand cap-wise, the Nets are in a great position to do many things. You keep looking. And you keep making calls," he said, adding, "You can’t be precipitant. You can’t do something just to be doing something."

The Nets are also expected to hold a press conference Tuesday to introduce Travis Outlaw, at least.