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Rumors Aplenty As Free Agency Reaches "Musical Chairs" Stage

There are still more than 100 free agents out there, but now it's more of a scramble than a wooing.  As players, agents and teams try to get leverage, rumors fly...often buried in larger stories.

Here are two from Saturday's menu. 

--HoopsWorld is reporting that "sources close to the situation" say the Nets are preparing a "big money" offer sheet for Luis Scola. That doesn't mean the Rockets will let him walk, HoopsWorld says. Rockets GM Daryl Morey has told teams they'll match any offer for Scola. That way, they get a good read on his market price.

--ESPN and the Los Angeles Daily News are reporting that the Nets, among others, are interested in Derek Fisher, who's headed to Miami for discussions.  ESPN says the Nets and Bulls as well as the Heat are interested.  In addition to the Heat, the Bulls, Timberwolves and the Nets are "believed to be interested in signing Fisher", reports the News.

Meanwhile, local Utah media report that Kyle Korver was prepared to sign a three year deal with the Nets, only to have the offer evaporate after the team signed Travis Outlaw.  Korver joined Carlos Boozer in Chicago, three years, $15 million.