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Outlaw: "I Just Want Opportunity"

In an interview with The Portland Oregonian, Travis Outlaw says the key to decision to join the Nets was simple: "They don’t got no small forward there, and they were willing to take a chance with me."

Outlaw spent six plus years with the Trail Blazers before breaking his foot, then being traded to the Clippers in mid-season.  Most of his career, he has been a consistent sixth man, earning the nickname, "Mr. Fourth Quarter" for his late game heroics.  But he's started only 32 games out of 400 and now wants an "opportunity". 

He says Avery Johnson has promised him that.  "I liked where the program is headed. He was just telling me how he develops players, how he made players, what he can do with me, how I can help the team, how we can make the team better."

Outlaw and perhaps others will be introduced at a Tuesday press conference.