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RJ and CP3 - Again and Again

Richard Jefferson never wanted to leave New York and his sweet loft in Chelsea.  He went incommunicado for days after he was traded to Milwaukee. After opting out of his $15.2 million Spurs contract Wednesday, you had to know it was only a matter of time before rumors began swirling about a return, to either the Nets or the Knicks.  Time's up. Story's out.

Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Jefferson, now 30, wants to play for a New York area team next season. He'd also like to make up for the lost option year by signing a multiple year deal starting at between $8 and $10 million. No reaction from anyone but small forwards Joe Johnson, Rudy Gay and John Salmons appear to have gotten firm deals that will pay a them a combined quarter billion dollars.

Meanwhile, Chad Ford is resuscitating last week's Chris Paul rumors, but admits the Hornets new owner, Gary Chouest is less likely to deal the franchise's centerpiece.  In one scenario, Ford imagines CP3 coming to New Jersey for Devin Harris and Derrick Favors.  A Nets insider says that while Favors is a "nice chip", it is "highly likely" the Nets will keep him.