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Did the Nets Get the Most NBA-Ready Rookie?

Thursday is not only the first day of free agency.  It's the first scrimmage for Derrick Favors and Damion James as Nets. They have spent a lot of time at area ball parks however. The two first round picks and Terrence Williams along with a host of hopefuls gathered at the PNY Center this morning for a few days of training before the Summer League...with Favors supplying a hyper athletic dunk attempt that wowed those in attendance.

And there was also good news for the Nets in a stat geek's analysis of last week's draft. A couple of stats geeks at the respected Wages of Wins used their "Win Score" metric to determine which draftee was most likely to succeed in the NBA.  Armed with their analysis, which they say is time-tested, they argue it's Damion James!

Win Score is "a simplified version of Wins Produced, built around the notion that points, rebounds, steals, field goal attempts, and turnovers have – in absolute terms – the same impact on wins."  NBA rookies have an average PAWS of about 10 entering the league.  James' is 15.8, just ahead of DeMarcus Cousins.  Favors finished 18th. Shawn Ryan and David Berri point out what Win Score is not..."a crystal ball".