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Wesley Johnson "In the Mix at the No. 3"

There's not been a lot of movement in the mock drafts with NBA writers focusing mainly on the Finals, but with ESPN's latest mock moving Evan Turner back up to #2 and Derrick Favors back down to #3, the likelihood of Favors getting picked seems to grow. Only HoopsWorld still thinks the Nets get Turner.  Of course, Rod Thorn's mock draft isn't public...and that's the one that counts.

Still, Chad Ford says that even if Turner isn't unavailable, the Nets aren't limiting their choices to power forwards at #3.  While noting "a high level of interest in Favors", Ford writes, "The team also is high on Syracuse's 6'7" SF Wesley Johnson. I'm told he's in the mix at the No. 3 spot as well. But for now, Favors has the edge."

At #27, Ford has Terrico White, Ole Miss' 6'5" SG who was in Tuesday.  He thinks the top pick for the second round is Jordan Crawford, Xavier's 6'4" SG.