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Favors: Nets' Record Not a Problem "I Think I Will Be Able To Fit In"

In the clearest indication yet he expects to be wearing a Nets cap June 24, Derrick Favors told Sporting News' Sean Deveney the Nets' 12-70 record this past season is not an issue with him.  Favor says he expects to "fit in" with the Nets roster.

"It doesn’t deter me," said the 6'10" Georgia Tech product. "They had a rough year, but I am pretty sure it is part of the rebuilding process. They have some good players and I think I will be able fit in."

Favors is virtually an unanimous choice among draftniks as the #3 pick, after John Wall and Evan Turner.  Favors made a pitch for going #1, however. "I would take myself first, if I was a GM. Why? Because I know what kind of player I am and what I could bring to the floor."