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The Big Guys Come Alone

The Nets looked at more candidates for their picks at #27 and #31 Tuesday--liking what they say from Alabama's 6'5" PG Mikhail Torrance in particular, but the big news is that Rod Thorn announced the top candidates for #3 will be coming in next week...and alone. 

DeMarcus Cousins, Kentucky's 6'11" C-PF, and Wesley Johnson, Syracuse's 6'7" SF, will be in mid-week while Derrick Favors, Georgia Tech's 6'10" PF, will be in the week after.  "They come by themselves," Thorn said. "You talk to them and work them out, but they’re by themselves."  Having seen all of them play 8 to 10 times, the Nets feel they have a good grip on what they can do on the court.

In Tuesday's workout, the Nets' Ben Couch reports (via Twitter) that Tom Barrise, who is running the workouts, was "impressed w/ the guards today, particularly Mikhail Torrance ('Bama) for his length, handle & quickness."  Also in was Quincy Pondexter, Washington's 6'6" SG who played high school ball with Brook Lopez and brother Robin.