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Nets Interested in Izzo, Too?

Mikhail Prokhorov told reporters three weeks ago that the Nets' next head coach will have to have NBA experience. But the Michigan State athletic director has told the AP he's heard reports the Nets are interested in Tom Izzo, the successful Spartan coach.

"Last week there was talk that Chicago and New Jersey were interested," said Mark Hollis, the Michigan State AD. "If I was anywhere but at Michigan State I would be interested in Tom too, because he's the best coach in college basketball."

According to various reports, the Cavaliers are either preparing an offer or have offered a deal to Izzo, who won an NCAA title in 2000, gotten to six Final Fours, and won six  Big Ten championships in 15 years at Michigan State. Izzo, 55, has not commented on any of the reports.