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After 10th Russian Title, Questions Arise Over Vatutin's Future

CSKA Moscow
CSKA Moscow

For the last two months, reports in the US and Russian press have suggested Andrei Vatutin is Mikhail Prokhorov's choice as assistant general manager of the Nets--reports Prokhorov has declined to confirm or deny.  One reason may have been that Vatutin remains as president of CSKA Moscow, Prokhorov's old team. 

On Monday, CSKA finished its season with its eighth straight Russian League championship.  For the 36-year-old Vatutin, it was his 10th straight in various capacities, having won two before joining CSKA. 

CSKA is once again in a cost-cutting mode (after a 30% drop following Prokhorov's departure) and most of its best players are over 30. Vatutin has said it's up to the new owners to decide whether they want to rebuild.

So after the game, one of the first questions asked by Moscow sports writers was "Who will lead the club if its current president Andrei Vatutin leaves to work in the New Jersey Nets?"  Should Vatutin decide to leave CSKA for the Nets, he'll bring with him a knowledge of the European game, having had a first hand look at some of the continent's top talent, much of it in his own locker room.