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The Evan Turner Head Fake

Chad Ford (sort of) admits he got it wrong 10 days ago when he projected Derrick Favors at #2 in his mock draft. Now, he's told the 76ers are settled on Evan Turner, as most have suggested.  But there's a twist. 

"Since Turner is the consensus No. 2 pick in the draft," Ford writes,"the Sixers want other teams trying to trade up for him (the Wolves and Pacers seem to be the hottest suitors) to believe that they're taking him. If teams think he's slipping, they'll begin dealing with New Jersey instead."

With a top-heavy draft, Ford says a number of teams are looking to move up, with some dangling big names.  He also reports that one or two players may have guarantees at the end of the first round and Daniel Orton might slip because of a knee issue.

Meanwhile, and offer their thoughts on what the Nets need from their three picks.  The consensus is defense, rebounding and shooting should be high priorities for New Jersey.