Derrick Favors Interview Different from DraftExpress plus a view from a GT Fan

Derrick Favors interview - NBA Draft Combine (via BucksBeatPaul)

I like his confidence in his rebounding and defense. When asked about why he likes rebounding/grunt's work so much, he responded by saying that rebounding is often the best way he can get his points and that 'sometimes the guards don't always get you the ball...they'll miss you sometimes.' Maybe he's referring to the inadequate guard play at Georgia Tech.

His defense and rebounding is a good starting point for a player of his athletic makeup and potential. He's confident that he can play next to Brook. That's a plus. He also imagines himself being like an Amare or Garnett. He's a hard worker with good aspirations. If Turner's off the board @ 3, I say we take the risk with this kid because not only does he fill a serious need to solidify our 4 and 5 spots, he is less likely to interfere with Brook's development in comparison to Cousins. An envisioned ceiling of his to be like an Amare or Garnett is worth taking the gamble on especially since he may indeed have the work ethic and humble nature to get himself there with good coaching. If he can bring himself close to the caliber of a KG or a Dwight on the defensive end we've struck gold. If he actualizes his potential not only on the defensive end, but also the offensive end, the Nets will have struck a true diamond in the rough to play next to Brook and we will undoubtedly have the best front court in the east after KG is done with Boston.

How far he gets towards that talent level is to be seen and I believe it is worth the risk of taking him considering how talented of a center we already have in Brook.

I believe offense is secondary to the rebounding, put backs and defense we would require from him early on.

I hope he can really learn under Avery Johnson and realize his potential hopefully with a free agent power forward that we pick up. With good coaching at the very least he'll be able to produce similar to Big Baby's garbage man type game (rebounding, hustle, putbacks, and midrange game) that has been huge for the Celtics. The advantage Favors would have over Big Baby is that he's just so much more of a physically gifted specimen. When i see Big Baby, I see his hustle and I just think to myself that if he actually had arms longer than a baby T-rex he would be so clutch.

Big Baby is very much a product of being well-coached by both the coaches and KG. Favors has the tools to do everything and more that BBD does at the very least which would still be very valuable to us even if it wasnt a homerun pick.

In addition to this video, I asked the guy who posted that good 5 and half minute Derrick Favors college mix on youtube to tell me what he thought of Favors and his potential because he's a huge Georgia Tech fan and it seems like he watched a large amount of their games this past year judging by the video he made. This this is what he wrote (for what its worth):

GaTechfan4life3 Re: Hey Man... Hey sorry it took me so long to respond but I really think he will be a great NBA player. If he develops offensively he will be unstoppable....he really isn't as raw as people keep saying..he is really good around the rim, great rebounder and shot blocker. Solid mid range game, good character and a hard worker. He is 6'10 245 and will be the youngest player in the NBA next year, he had a 35.5 inch vertical at the NBA combine which is the exact same as players like Dwight Howard, Amare Stoudamire and Blake Griffin so he is an explosive athlete.

GT had some talented guards this year but they were really inexperenced...a lot of times Favors was open underneath but they didn't get him the ball. Also he got in early foul trouble a lot and that hurt his PPG and RPG...he also struggled early on with conditioning but at the end of the season it wasn't a problem and he stopped getting in early foul trouble. I think he averaged 18 points and 9 rebounds in the the last 11 games or so....

So I really would be suprised if Favors is not a great NBA player barring injury. Him and Lopez would be sick duo.
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