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Who's Buying, Selling Picks?

The Nets haven't bought a first or second round draft pick in the Rod Thorn era.  They have sold the rights to two picks during that period: in 2003, after taking Zoran Planinic in the first round, they sold the rights to Kyle Korver, taken at #51, to the Sixers for a reported $125,000.  The next year, they sold the rights to Viktor Khryapa, taken at #22, to the Blazers for $3 million and the expiring contract of Eddie Gill.  In 2005, they tried to buy a second round pick so they could draft Monta Ellis but failed.

With a cash-rich owner, that may change. So we take a look at who's got picks to spare, who has none and how much they're going for now.  This could be a clip-and-save for Draft Night.

Unless things change, five teams will have multiple picks in the first round on June 24: the Timberwolves will have three: #4, #16 and #23. So will the Grizzlies, at #12, #25 and #28. The Nets (#3 and #27), Thunder (#21 and #26) and  Wizards (#1 and #30) will have two each.

On the other side of the ledger, the Knicks, Cavaliers, Nuggets, Mavericks, Lakers, Bobcats and Suns have no picks in the first round.  The Cavaliers, Nuggets and Bobcats have no picks in either round.

Who's interested in selling?  Reports indicate the Hawks, at #24, may be willing to sell to conserve cash for Joe Johnson's free agency.  Since the Timberwolves have two picks in the second round (#45 and #56) for a total of five, they might be willing to dump one or more.  The Thunder also have two picks in the second round (#32 and #51) for a total of four.  With their young roster, OKC may not want to add four rookies. In the second round, the Heat have three picks (#41, #42 and #48) to go with #18 in the first round, giving them four as well.  Are the Lakers likely to keep both #45 and #58? Doubtful.

Who's interested in buying?  The Mavs, Knicks and Cavs have made noises about buying into the first round and the Blazers always seem interested...they've bought five first round picks in the last six years. The Knicks sent a future second round pick and $3 million in cash to the Lakers last year for the #29 pick, the only first round pick to be sold on Draft Night.

What's the price?  The maximum amount of cash any team can add to any transaction is $3 million and that includes buying a pick. In most cash deals, the team selling the pick will want something else in return, a future pick or the draft rights to an international player. The days of getting a Kyle Korver for $125,000 are long since past.

How often are picks sold?  Last year, there were four straight cash deals on Draft Night, all for second round choices --  #32, #34, #52 and #57, plus five others that involved cash sweeteners.