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AK-47: In NBA, Anything Is Possible

Fresh from a vacation in the Far East, Andrei Kirilenko returned to Moscow Friday to watch his old team, CSKA Moscow in Game 2 of the Russian Superleague championship.  When he was introduced, Russian reporters flocked to interview him, asking if he thinks he could wind up playing for his old boss, Mikhail Prokhorov, and the Nets

"It does not depend on me. I have nine years of play in Utah and I like everything there," he replied. "But nothing can be ruled out in the NBA. In our life, everything is possible ".

The 6'9" Jazz forward, now 29 years old, added that he could not comment on rumors.  As for whether Prokhorov would sign any Russian players, AK-47 said that, too, depends on Prokhorov.

In the championship series, CSKA Moscow moved within one game and two days of its eighth straight title.  With that out of the way, expect to hear more about whether CSKA's president, Andrei Vatutin, is joining the Nets.