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Sanders, Gallon, Jones Among Nets' Top Candidates at #27 and #31

The top candidates for the Nets #3 pick will be in soon enough, but the Nets have two other picks, at #27 and #31, where the competition is more wide open.  On Friday morning, the first four candidates for those jobs--and training camp invites beyond the draft--arrived in East Rutherford. 

Oklahoma's 6'10" Tiny Gallon and VCU's 6'11" Larry Sanders are two players the Nets are "strongly considering" at those two spots, writes Dave D'Alessandro.  Also in the building: USF's 6'5" Dominique "DoJo" Jones, who Fred Kerber says is "in the mix", and Duke's 6'8" PF Lance Thomas.  They ran drills, played a bit of three-on-three and talked to the team and media. Thomas, from Scotch Plains and St. Benedicts Prep, may not have an NBA game, but he has a habit of winning.  Sanders' length (7'6" wingspan) and Gallon's heft (300 pounds) are among the things that impressed.