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Get Ready for LeTour LeBron!

Hopefully, you've recovered from LeBron James on Larry King and word that the City of New York has established a "C'mon LeBron!" program to lure the Cavalier to either the Knicks or Nets. That's because you don't have much time to prepare for the LeBron Tour.

FanHouse's Sam Amick writes Friday that James will criss-cross America on a free agency tour, meeting with team and civic leaders in cities that want to sign him.  Amick, quoting a source close to The King, writes the King interview "was only the beginning of his elaborate scheme to draw unprecedented attention to his courting. James, according to the source, is in discussions with Nike to create a new shoe for every visit along his free agent path starting July 1." 

However, Nike tells CNBC's Darren Rovell: "We will NOT be making LeBron shoe for ANY free agent market visit." LeBron will head first for New York first to visit with the Knicks and then spend time with the Nets.  Chicago will be next, and if there is "sustained interest", he will go to Miami and then Los Angeles before finally returning home to Cleveland.

We simply can't wait.