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The Blueprint: We Can Make You a Billionaire

Mikhail Prokhorov
Mikhail Prokhorov

Adrian Wojnarowski says the word is out, from the highest sources: the Nets are a "serious contender" for the services of the world's best basketball player and the big reason remains the big guy, the billionaire, the owner. 

According to Wojnarowski, "The self-made mogul has carefully crafted a detailed and daring plan to make LeBron James a billionaire. The Nets will show him the map of the world, where the mogul has gone in China and India and Russia to make his billions and convince James that there’s a blueprint here for him too."

Already, Woj reports, the Nets are already "far outdistancing the neighboring New York Knicks".  The main competition, he believes, is the Bulls and Cavaliers.

In fact, he reports that Jim Dolan is so upset by the audaciousness of the "Blueprint for Greatness" billboard outside his office window at 34th and 8th he's called the league offices to protest.