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When Is a Night Out with LeBron Partying and When Is It Tampering?

Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News is in high dudgeon about reports that LeBron James spent Friday night in Manhattan partying with Jay-Z and Beyonce, when all other NBA owners were prohibited from making contact with the Cavaliers superstar til Midnight Thursday.

"It's interesting nonetheless that a small-piece owner of the New Jersey Nets in this case Jay-Z - can apparently spend the evening partying with LeBron James a week before free agency and somehow, it's not considered tampering," writes Sefko, noting that Mark Cuban was fined $100,000 for saying he's interested in signing James.

Of course, what Sefko doesn't report is the two have know each other since 1) before Jay-Z bought part of the Nets and 2) before LeBron was drafted. It could be worse. They could have been partying in Newark or Brooklyn!!