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New York Launches "C'mon LeBron"

What's next? A giant Times Square sing-a-long mimicking Cleveland's "We are LeBron"? Wait, better not to give them ideas!

The once-proud City of New York has launched the "New York City Official C'mon LeBron Page" to help persuade (beg?) LeBron James to join either the Knicks or the Nets...the mayor has said he won't take sides. Neither team is mentioned in text or in Mayor Bloomberg's video entreaty (plea?), but past icons are referenced...none of whom has played in New York in 33 years.

"Willis on one leg, Clyde with the steal, Dr. J soaring from the line," reminds (nudges?)  the mayor. "C'mon LeBron, write the next chapter in NYC basketball history". Finally (mercifully?), after a video clip featuring a lot of words and numbers over mostly Manhattan scenes, the Mayor returns, with a twinkle (relief?) in his eye: "As the Good Book says, lead us to the Promised Land (wait for it) and that's a quote from the King James version." (Rim shot? No.)

"C’Mon LeBron" messages will appear on NYC Taxi monitors and Times Square screens (is there no escaping  this?), and the mayor’s office said more promotions will be rolled out in the upcoming weeks.

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