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Cap Management Could Help Nets Make "Quick Turnaround" is working its way through its annual "State of the Cap" series, looking at how each NBA team is faring as it approaches the Draft. 

It's a little too optimistic regarding the Nets' cap space--it has them with $33.9 million in cap space. Even if Kris Humphries opts out and the Nets let Chris Douglas-Roberts go, they'll only have about $30.1 million (with cap holds) to spend...barring Draft Day deals.  And it's likely Humphries' $3.2 million contract will stay on the books.

Still, the report is positive, pointing to the ownership of Mikhail Prokhorov, the development of Brook Lopez,  the improvement of Yi Jianlian, the likely pick of Derrick Favors and Devin Harris' better the past and hopefully the future.

Moreover, it points out the Nets' strong cap management is often overlooked: "Besides Harris’s three year deal, the Nets currently don’t have anyone that will make more than $4 million in a season or has a contact longer than three years."  Harris will make $8.98 million this season.

Bottom line: While the rebuilding process has "a long way to go", don't be surprised if the top-tier free agents " might want to take a good look before making any decisions".