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Mock Draft Consensus Still (Mostly) Favors Favors

Rod Thorn says simply "I would be shocked if that were not the case," when asked whether John Wall and Evan Turner will be taken 1, 2 in the Draft.  

The draftniks agree.  In's latest consensus of 12 top mock drafts, that's the way 10 of the 12 see it.  Only ESPN and HoopsWorld have Derrick Favors moving into Philly's #2 spot.  Favors, who's been seen as the overwhelming choice for the Nets on the mocks, continues to hold that position, with nine of the 12 saying Thorn takes him.  ESPN and HoopsWorld have the Nets taking Turner and only Inside Hoops predicts DeMarcus Cousins will be a Net.

The consensus only lists lottery selections, but in a deeper dive, one finds little consensus on who the Nets take at #27 and well as some misconceptions.

Oklahoma's 6'4" SG Willie Warren gets four votes and West Virginia's 6'7" SF Devin Ebanks gets three...but those two were specifically cited by Dave D'Alessandro as players the Nets are not interested in. "So if you see the names of Willie Warren or Devin Ebanks in one of those spots, scratch them," Dave D wrote last Thursday.

Of those D'Alessandro wrote the Nets like--Tiny Gallon, Avery Bradley, Larry Sanders, and Craig Brackins--Gallon, a 6'10" PF out of Oklahoma, is projected at #27 by ESPN, and Bradley, a 6'3" SG out of Texas, is projected, also at #27, by RealGM.  In other draft news, Terrico White, 6'5" SG out of Ole Miss, will join the previously named group working out on June 8.