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The Numbers Game

Numbers are being tossed around like gold bars at the Prokhorov residence, but we're told the official number, the one they've got on the screens at NBA headquarters, is $29.99 million...just barely ahead of the Heat and the Bulls but still behind the Knicks. That's not enough to sign two max players.  You need to get to $33.66 million for that.  So the Nets are close but not close enough.  They would have to clear another $3.67 million.

But they don't have to do it now. Let's say the Nets ask LeBron James if he would take the max, starting at $16.83 million.  Sure, he says.  Then, they go to Chris Bosh and say, "You in"?  And he says Yes.  No deal can be finalized until July 8.  So what would happen and what has happened in the past is teams will wait til the last minute to work out the deals needed and then do them near simultaneously on July 8 or after.

Could it happen?  Chad Ford's thinking it could. "We may be seriously underplaying the Nets as players in this. Jay-Z & Prokhorov may be more persuasive than I've given them credit for," he tweetsBottom line, there are a number of fallacies out there. John Schuhmann, Ken Berger and Ford, among others, take a look at some of them.