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Speaking of Building Foundations...

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

Bruce Ratner announced Tuesday that close to 700 cubic yards of concrete from two Brooklyn plants, delivered in 80 concrete mixing trucks, has been poured in the first two foundation footings for Barclays Center.

The pourings represent the first step for the 18,000-seat arena's actual construction.  Previously, activities at the Brooklyn site have been limited to infrastructure, like improved water, sewer and electric lines. The arena is scheduled for completion prior to the Nets 2012-13 season.

 "We're thrilled that we are fully in the construction phase," said Bob Sanna, the executive  in charge of construction. "Over the next few months we will continue with the mass excavation, underground plumbing and electrical work along with ongoing foundation work."

Meanwhile, Brooklyn critics were in a Manhattan court Tuesday in a last ditch attempt to scuttle the arena.  The critics think the court should overturn approvals for the arena and Atlantic Yards, noting the project has so changed since the original approval that a whole new review is needed. Although the judge in the case, Marcy Friedman,  closely questioned the ESDC on the issue, even critics like Norman Oder of Atlantic Yards Report believe "it's doubtful she's going to stop the arena".