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How Big a Deal Is an Owner? VERY!


Marc Stein and Henry Abbott sift through the resume's of the owners trying to lure LeBron James and others and think Mikhail Prokhorov has already overcome the Nets' 12-70 record, two-year stay in Newark and a mostly shabby history.

"It's the 'O' variable in James' decision of a lifetime. Ownership. Or in the broader sense: Organizations," writes Stein. It's the reason the New Jersey Nets,  fresh off a 12-win season, are getting the first opportunity to sit down with the most coveted free agent in the history of American sport."

Stein also suggests that a lot of what James has learned about ownership and organizations comes from his friendship with rapper--and entrepreneur--Jay-Z...making for an added advantage for the Nets.  And Charles Dolan's charisma-free ownership could sink the Knicks.

Henry Abbott agrees, and adds, "one NBA insider says Prokhorov will profit from a 'James Bond' image he has with players".