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If It's Friday, It Must Be Wade and Bosh...Then Amar'e, Lee and Gay

They're going to put some mileage on Mikhail Prokhorov's Gulfstream V this week.

Marc Stein reports that the day after the Nets' brass fly to Ohio to meet with LeBron James, they'll be in New York for separate meetings with Free Agents #2 and #3, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh

Both players expressed a lack of interest in the Nets during the season and Dave D'Alessandro reported Wade is the only major free agent the Nets didn't think they had a shot at. All that has apparently changed.

The Nets' traveling party, sources tell Stein, will include Prokhorov, Jay-Z, Avery Johnson and Rod Thorn. (Jay-Z also has a concert scheduled for France.)

Dave D reports Monday that the Nets intend to meet with six free agents-- James, Wade, Bosh, Amar'e Stoudemire, David Lee and Rudy Gay --in the "first few days" of free agency. Dave also writes of Russian spies ("complete borscht"); Thorn's retirement plans (pending?), Jerry Colangelo's job prospects (not good); and how much of it is really about basketball (somewhat).

Nets insiders expect the Thorn situation to be resolved by Tuesday, when the team holds a press conference to introduce its two draft choices.  Among the possible successors, writes Fred Kerber, are Nets VP Bobby Marks, Thunder GM Sam Presti and Hornets GM Jeff Bower.

And remember those weekend reports of LeBron James enjoying a night on the town in Manhattan, reports that thrilled Knick fans? The Daily News notes that James was indeed in the city Friday...partying with Jay-Z and Beyonce'.