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Is David Lee The Most Likely Net Pick-Up?

On ESPN's free agency special Friday, a panel of four commentators was asked to match up teams with the free agents they were most likely to sign.  The four--David Aldridge, Jon Barry, Michael Wilbon and Chris Broussard--agreed that the most likely pick-up for the Nets is David Lee. It's not that they didn't think the Nets had a shot at any of the other top players, but they felt Lee was most likely to cross the river. 

HoopsWorld went through a more specific exercise on Sunday, trying to predict where Lee would wind up. Again, the match was New Jersey. "Putting the pieces together" wrote Tommy Beer, "David Lee relocating to the other side of the Hudson River makes a whole lot of sense for both parties involved."  Beer suggested Lee's popularity in New York (his jersey is the biggest seller of any of the players on the Nets or Knicks) is one good reason, but so is Lee's steady improvement from the #30 pick to All-Star in five years.