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Colangelo: "I Have Some Juice Left" But Is Thorn Really Leaving?

In an interview with ESPN New York's Ian O'Connor, Jerry Colangelo makes it clear that he is interested if Mikhail Prokhorov comes calling with an offer to be the Nets' next president. 

But not long after the O'Connor post, Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted, "Two league execs with ties to NJ's Rod Thorn think he may yet reconsider retirement and stay. "I think he still wants to work," one says."  A Nets insider tells NetsDaily the same thing.

"If I did get a call I'd certainly take the call," Colangelo, the head of USA Basketball, told O'Connor. "I still think I have some juice left. I don't need to do anything, and I'm not seeking anything, but if the right situation presented itself and met my criteria, I would listen." Colangelo is 70, a year and a half older than Thorn.

Colangelo said he has followed hte Nets for several years.  "It's been an ongoing saga, and at some point they've got to get to the finish line. There are all kinds of hills to climb, and they've been hemorrhaging for years, but there's no reason all of that can't work itself out so the Nets can turn into a very successful franchise very soon."

Colangelo also denied his All-Star Weekend meeting with Thorn was awkward. At the time, news reports indicated that Prokhorov might be interested in Colangelo replacing Thorn. Prokhorov has yet to comment on Thorn's reported resignation.