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Johnson: Barclays Center Will Be "Taj Mahal" of New York Arenas

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

Maybe it was just an off-hand comment...but we don't think so.  It sounded more like the Nets' corporate counter  to the Knicks' oft-repeated assertion that Madison Square Garden is the "Mecca" of basketball.  Either way, it was interesting to hear Avery Johnson refer to the Barclays Center, still two years away, as the "Taj Mahal" of arenas.

Johnson was laying out to Michael Kay what he thought the Nets' advantages are in the free agent hunt, specifically re: LeBron James.  Beyond global branding, the new Nets coach cited "the arenas that we are going to be playing in next years... Prudential Center next year, then Barclays Center in two years which is the Taj Mahal of all arenas in New York."

The interview, done Friday with Michael Kay, focused mainly on the draft.  Johnson suggested that Damion James could get significant minutes at small forward, but focused mainly on the long-term prospects of Derrick Favors who he was quick to (again) note has the potential to be a smaller Dwight Howard.