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Curiouser and Curiouser: Colangelo Says Nets' Interest is "News to Me"

Rod Thorn has yet to confirm he's leaving...although people described as sources close to him or associates or league executives say he is.  But if he is, it sure sounds like there isn't a back-up plan.

Sam Amick of Fan House texted with Thorn and spoke with USA Basetball President Jerry Colangelo Saturday and came away with this: Colangelo says the Nets interest in him is "news to me", that he hasn't been contacted about the vacancy, but if he is, he'd "take the call".  As for Thorn, he texted, "(I) was not asked to take a pay cut.  (I) have no problems with new ownership at all. They will be great."

Still, Amick quotes "several sources" saying Thorn was asked to take a cut from his current $5 million salary, all the way down to $1.2 or $1.5 million. The same sources deny a report in NetsDaily that Thorn was offered a two-year $8 million deal. Thorn wouldn't comment on it.

Thorn is expected to be available next on Tuesday when Derrick Favors and Damion James come to New Jersey for their introductory press conference.  Meanwhile, Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Thorn's No. 2, Bobby Marks, is a "strong candidate" for the Nets job and has "drawn interest" from the Trailblazers.