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CDR Deal Official

The Nets announced Friday that they have traded Chris Douglas-Roberts to the Milwaukee Bucks for a second round pick in 2012.  The pick is actually the Bulls pick that was sent to the Bucks in the John Salmons trade.  As a Bulls pick, it's likely to be even less valuable than the Bucks pick. CDR bid farewell to fans...via Twitter, of course.

Earlier today, a writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel speculated that the Bucks might be sending James Jordan's draft rights to the Nets in the deal.  That proved erroneous.  The Bucks sold Jordan's rights to the Knicks for $1 million on Thursday. 

Meanwhile, Al Iannazzone summarizes what was going on at Nets headquarters over the last two days, including draft and trade discussions, mostly centered on Yi Jianlian; as well as a visit from Mikhail Prokhorov and Avery Johnson's job interview.