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Draft Grades Handed Out ...They're Good So Far

We stopped thinking post-draft assessments were important back in 2005 when Dick Vitale proclaimed that Antoine Wright could have a Dywane Wade career.  The draftniks loved the Marcus Williams' pick in 2006 too.

Still, it's fun to compare your appraisal with those of the draftniks.  They've started handing them out and so far so good. 

Chad Ford of ESPN gives the Nets a "B" but wonders if the Nets see Derrick Favors as "more of an asset than a cornerstone of the franchise.". Like a lot of the draftniks, he thinks Damion James has potential: "James is more of a "now" pick. The four-year senior has the toughness and experience to help right away. Think James Posey."  John Hollinger added, "I'm pretty fond of the player New Jersey selected at 24."

Tom Ziller of FanHouse also gives the Nets a "B", calling the two picks: "one power forward of the future and one role player. Not a bad night."

But the best grade, an "A+", comes from Tony Mejia of Pro Basketball News. He calls the pick of Favors over Wesley Johnson a "smart move" describing Favors as a "potential franchise player", and says of James: "There's no question the Texas senior will see a lot of minutes right out of the gate. Expect him to endear himself to all the city folk with his grimy hard-nosed play."

Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy, doesn't hand out grades, just good lines.  He says Favors "might be the best 2010 rookie when everything's said and done."  He also hands out a little too much information on James: "the Texas scorer who has a hygiene fetish and showers four times a day. (Not making that up.)"