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In Final Mocks, It's Favors, Crawford, Gallon

The draftniks, an exhausted band they are, have made their final calls and barring trades, sales, purchases and natural disasters, the Nets are projected to take Derrick Favors, Jordan Crawford, Xavier's 6'5" SG; and Tiny Gallon, Oklahoma's 6'9" PF, at #3, #27 and #31.

Favors, who would become the Nets' youngest player ever, is projected in eight of the 12 mocks surveyed by's Drew Packham; while Crawford is mentioned by three draftniks and Gallon by two. Although Favors' teammate at Georgia Tech, Gani Lawal, and Stanley Robinson, UConn's 6'9" PF Stanley Robinson are also mentioned twice, two of the top three--and the most updated--drafts have Gallon going to the Nets. Thirteen players got mentioned for the two picks.

The Nets have been mentioned in various scenarios that would have then trading down, trading up or buying an additional second round pick.  That will all play out beyond the draftniks' reach.