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Blockbuster Looks Unlikely

Adrian Wojnarowski tweets the Nets and Pacers are discussing a trade that would send Devin Harris, Yi Jianlian and the #3 pick to Indiana for a package highlighted by  Danny Granger and the #10 pick.  No deal is imminent and Woj reports the Nets are "lukewarm" about it. The Pacers would pick Derrick Favors at #3.  Dave D'Alessandro goes further: "Nets officials just responded to the report with two words: 'Not happening.'"

Granger, like Harris, had an injury-hampered season.  The Pacers are known to be desperate for a point guard. 

Woj also tweets, "New Jersey has gotten a steady stream of offers for the third pick on Thursday, with teams trying to get a hold of Favors," source told the Yahoo! Sports writer.

Meanwhile Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated reports the Nets have been "passively" offering the pick around for weeks because they are not in love with anyone, and see Favors, DeMarcus Cousins and Wesley Johnson as imperfect pieces and thus risky.