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Nets Still Not Interested in Dooling for Beasley

Chris Sheridan of ESPN says the Heat are still trying to dump Michael Beasley's contract as way to create even more space under the cap.  The Heat traded Dequan Cook and the #18 pick to the Thunder Wednesday and are in talks to buy out James Jones' contract. 

Now they want to do the same with Beasley's contract.  "Ideally, the Heat would want to trade Beasley for a player with only a partially guaranteed contract for the 2010-11 season, and there are two players with contracts of that variety who are especially appealing -- Keyon Dooling of the New Jersey Nets and Ryan Gomes of Minnesota."

Dooling is guaranteed only $500,000 next season and can be waived before June 30.  However, Sheridan writes, "New Jersey has shown no interest in acquiring Beasley."  A Dooling for Beasley swap would add $4,462,240 to the Nets' payroll.