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Staying Up Late

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As of Thursday morning, the Nets had two other picks, at #27 and #31.  They had a last minute look at six candidates for those spots on Wednesday at the PNY Center, but the final workouts got little attention.

A close read of the latest reports indicate that the team has fondness for certain players, if they last and if the Nets still have the picks come time to draft.

It would appear the Nets' list includes: Tiny Gallon, Oklahoma's 6'9", 300 pound PF; Craig Brackins, Iowa State's 6'10" PF; Gani Lawal, Georgia Tech's 6'9" PF; Larry Sanders, VCU's 6'11" PF/C; Dominique Jones, USF's 6'4" SG; Jordan Crawford, Xavier's 6'5" SG; Lance Stephenson, Cincinnati's 6'6" SG and a new name, Quincy Pondexter, Washington's 6'6" SF.

Eric Bledsoe, Kentucky's 6'1" PG, is another favorite, but the team will have to move up to get him.  He's being projected in the late teens.  Meanwhile, the six who worked out for the Nets Wednesday will sit and wait.